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Skills of the wet collodion photographer

I am looking for a little advice!
As the wet collodion plate was coated by the operator, what advice was given in the literature on techniques to produce an even coating. Was the plate tilted and rotated, or spun? Was there a recommendation on the viscosity of the liquid?
I believe it may have been brushed on producing characteristic streak marks.
Any thoughts or even first hand experiences?
John Davies

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Comment by John Davies on April 12, 2010 at 6:14
Thanks, Quinn, the video was very helpful.
On another note, it was interesting to see you cut the plates. Long ago, in another land ... I used Zeiss UMK cameras that took 5"x7" glass plates. I quickly learnt to avoid Kodak plates in favour of Agfa. The Agfa ones had both edges and corners rounded with each plate separated by a spacer. Unlike Kodak where the odd chip of broken glass was included, at no extra cost!!
Thanks again

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