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Information request - 2: Unidentified Photographer

This photograph has been consigned to the November 13th Photographs sale at Heritage Auctions but I can't get a positive ID on the photographer.  Possibly O. G. Rejlander?  Any leads would be appreciated.

Portrait of a Young Girl, English, circa 1860, albumen print, 161 x 133mm. Sheet size 460 x 328mm.

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Comment by David McGreevy on September 30, 2015 at 23:46

Nigel, I think that your guess that the photographer may be O.G. Rejlander  is right on the money.

Notice the similarity in both hair and left hand placement to this Rejlander Photo from 1860, via the George Eastman House:

Additionally, I agree that the Photo of the two boys is not by Wynfield- my guess is that they are probably by O.G.R also... 

Good luck!

Best, David

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