12201132668?profile=originalI've been lurking for a while but this is my first post. I acquired a pair of painted salt prints stamped 'Mr. Kilburn 222 Regent Street'. I assume these are by William Edward Kilburn but I cannot find other examples of painted salt prints by him.

Can anyone point me in the direction of other examples or tell me more about the ones I have (date etc.)?

I attach a few images. In the last image I deliberately left a tiny part of the mount window in the image to show the placement of the stamps. Please excuse the reflections.




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  • Thanks again Geoff, I believe Kilburn opened his business at 222 Regent St. in February 1847 and moved to 234 Regent St. in 1853. To state the obvious, my lady and gentleman must have been photographed between those dates.

  • Martin

    Erddig is closed at the moment due to the virus and only a few staff are at the site. But those I have checked with dont think there is a similar subject at Erddig. But what we think is familiar is the detail of the dress. The photograph of Victoria Yorke NT 1149547 has very similar details, the hairstyle, the bell shaped sleeve and the fringe on the shoulder, the fashion for the late 1850's although the skirt shape makes the Kilburn photo probably earlier than the Erddig one. I note that Kilburn was at 222 Regent Street when yours was taken and he did work from more than one address in Regent Street. The Erddig Kilburn cases are stamped 234 Regent Street. I think there is information on the net that will tell you when Kilburn was practicing at each address and which will help with a more accurate date. If I have any more I will let you know.


  • Thanks Geoff. From a quick search I cannot find any Kilburn painted salt prints on the NTC site but I suspect that many items are not digitalised yet. If you have any luck identfying the lady I'd be more than interested of course.

  • There are daguerreotypes at Erddig the NT property at Wrexham in Kilburn cases. There are also painted salt prints you may find them if you go to National Trust Collections

    The image of the lady looks familiar I will ask the house staff if they have a view on it

  • By the mid-50s all the major studios were making them. These are definitely by ' WE Kilburn'.

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