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Yvon: France's best-known Unknown Photographer

Well, that's what one contemporary critic called  Pierre Yves-Petit (1886-1969), who went by the name of Yvon.


This is because no other images of Paris are better captured than those by him. Petit came of age with the picture postcard, which was introduced in 1870 and flourished in the final decades of the 19th century with the completion of the Eiffel Tower. Although his images are instantly recognisable, it was only this year that Petit began to gain recognition as more than a producer of souvenir images.


Robert Stevens, who spend years researching the history behind Petit's work, has compiled a collection of his images in a book entitled 'Yvon's Paris' which can be found on the Amazon link on the right. Alternatively, you can have a quick glance on the inside of this hardcover here.


Details of an exhibition showcasing come of Yvon's images can be found here, as well as a selection of the prints here

Photo: Yvon, Notre Dame, c 1920s, vintage gelatin silver print; 3 1/2 x 5 1/8 inches



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