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The aim of The Early Photographers of Perthshire is to shine a light on the Big County’s part in Scottish photographic history. It is also a celebration and archive of the contributions, great and small, made by Perthshire’s early photographers. Be they, David Octavius Hill, “one of the finest calotypists in photographic history”; Jessie Mann and Lady Kinnaird, “rivals for the accolade of Scotland’s first female photographer”; or James Moyes, “who seems to have combined his commercial photography business with his job as a gravedigger”

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Comment by Alex. Sinclair on January 10, 2017 at 11:40

I would heartily recommend this lavishly illustrated and at £15 relatively inexpensive record of early, mainly Victorian, Perthshire photographers. Photographs of people predominate, particularly of the ubiquitous "unidentified", although there are also Perth city and county scenes. Although Perth's Octavius Hill is featured his conribution is, correctly in my view, limited to a few pages (his photographic involvement was not in Perth) and it is the lesser but very interesting figures who are heavily featured.

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