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PHOTOGRAPHIES - an exhibition by Piers Rawson

As a photographer who engages with culture and tradition in my work, I am, not unnaturally, aware that there is some point where contemporary photography becomes the stuff of photographic history.

In this spirit, I should like to draw fellow members' attention to my exhibition PHOTOGRAPHIES (details in events). The exhibition contains four sets of prints (Surreal?, Voiture, Oradour, ART) looking at ways photography relies on perception, realism, cultural reference and time.

You may view the exhibition online at this private gallery link: PHOTOGRAPHIES

A pdf briefing on the exhibition is available HERE

An afterthought: does anyone else see E H Shepard's Piglet (from Winnie the Pooh) in the shadow of the Miro? As cross-cultural references go, that may be somewhat extreme, but now I've seen it, I can't "un-see" it....

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