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Publication: The Autochrome in Great Britain

"It has been called a revolution" reported the magazine Photography in 1907 describing the introduction of the autochrome plate. As the first colour photography process, which was easy to use and could achieve excellent colour results, the autochrome was celebrated as a turning point in the development of photography.

Art photographers, studio photographers, as well as scientists, devoted themselves to recording the world in colour. This publication provides the first comprehensive analysis of the colour revolution in Great Britain. It looks not only at the beginning of a debate about the value of colour in photography, which lasted until the 1980s, but also at the origins of a pictorial practice that continues into the digital age.

This book, in German for now, by Caroline Fuchs will be available from 7 November and is available through Amazon.

BPH will carry a review in due course. 

Das Autochrom in Grobritannien: Revolution Der Farbfotografie (Studies in Theory and History of Photography)
Caroline Fuchs
de Gruyter, 2017
324 pages, 100 illustrations
Printed book and e-book

ISBN 978-3110485882

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