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Research; Julia Margaret Cameron's Idylls of the King, A question about Enid.

I have a question about this albumen print by Julia Margaret Cameron from her illustrations of Tennyson's Idyll of the King. Many years ago, I was offered my pick of several illustrations from the Idylls, I chose this image, "And Enid Sang", as I felt that it was a beautiful stand-alone image, it was in the best shape, and I thought that it was a great example of Cameron's depiction of women.

My question is this:

In many online searches for the Idylls, The "And Enid Sang" image is either omitted, or in rather in terribly faded shape. Is this some sort of orphan image? Is this not included in all copies of Cameron's Idylls?

The copies in the Musee D'Orsay and the Getty are very badly faded, although the Metropolitan Museum has a fine copy.

Does any member have insight on this particular Cameron photo?

Many Thanks in advance,


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