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Newspaper Archives - whatever happened too?

Over the past five years as Trinity Mirror's archivist I have begun to bring together all its national and regional photographic archives into a central archive based at Watford.

What has become apparent that a number of the regional archives are incomplete and that no one person knows what happen to the them. There are Chinese whispers of archive's being discarded or donated to local councils and heritage organisations but no hard evidence to what exactly happen.

I need help in tracking down and mapping what happen to the missing archives. If you have any knowledge of either hard copy prints, glass plates, 35mm or 6x6 negatives pre 1966 archives for the following titles it would be appreciated.

Birmingham Post & Mail , Coventry Telegraph, Daily Herald, Manchester Daily Mirror, Hinckley Times, Liverpool Post & Echo, Huddersfield Examiner, Manchester Evening News, Newcastle Chronicle & Journal, Reading Post, Western Mail and South Wales Echo

If you have any information you can contact me via the blog or by email at

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