furnes 30 & 30a

I am looking for some help to identify the photographer of these photos. They were taken at a British Red Cross Hospital located in Antwerp, then Ghent, then Furnes, and finally in Hoogestadt. A series of stereo views were taken by someone in with the Red Cross staff. Is there anyone who can please help identify the photographer?
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  • Thanks  for the tip, I did contact the British Red Cross.  I have found two books written during the war about the filed hospital at Furnes, both full of photos, and no mention of photographers.  Possibly it is assumed that the author of the book was the photographer.  

  • In the early days of WWI, lots of people took their own cameras with them and stereoview attachments/lenses were quite common too. From what I know, lots of people took photographs to send home to family and friends back home, but this was largely put a stop to after the 1914 Christmas truce when unofficial cameras were banned after some soldiers' photos of the truce were published in newspapers. The stereoviews you have do not look like commercial ones to me, so may just have been made by a doctor for their own interest or for their unit's records, so they wouldn't have necessarily described themselves as a photographer in the way a war correspondent might have been. Again, not a complete answer, but hope that explains the situation as it was at the time a bit. It way be worth checking with the HQ of the British Red Cross whether they have an archives section? All the best with your quest.

  • Thank you Anne Strathie, I have checked that source.  As it was published during the war, it is full of details of interest at the time.  It does not mention anyone of the Red Cross staff that was also a photographer.   Do you know of a historical society there in England that might be able to provide some information?

  • Not an immediate answer, but have you seen this Red Cross war diary online (in several parts, change the wn1 to wn2, etc. to find the others) https://net.lib.byu.edu/estu/wwi/memoir/warnurse/wn1.html - it mentions the same places and there are a lot of photographs in that, so there may be some clues or include some similar photographs. 

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