Kodak Retinette

I Photographed this one a couple of weeks ago on a 1964 Kodak Retinette with Ilford Delta 400. Interesting to use a mechanical camera. Lens interior was a bit dull but have images from a dense negative.
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  • Hello Lance Thank you for your observation. I will be darkroom printing this image soon and also hope to achieve a subtle tonal quality on one of the art papers. I think this image will work well as a larger print and will make the short use of this old camera rewarding. best wishes Michael

  • Good day, Michael. It is always refreshing to see a less contrast-like (less dramatic) aesthetics in nature or landscape compositions. The pictorial offering is gentle and approachable. Here, the sumptuousness in the tonal gamut imbues an authentic rendering of how we may have perceived the Cottage, in this setting, at the time of exposure. Thank you for sharing. 

    Lance A. Lewin


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