The Cyclist -1945

Exhibited at The London Salon."Leica camera with 3.5 cm Elmar lens at f/9 with a yellow filter to emphasise the blue sky. An exposure of 1/60 sec on Panatomic-X developed in Microdol produced a well-grained negative"
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  • ok got the picture. Your grand father had a great eye for sure!
  • Massot - Thank you for your comment - my name is Kelvin. The photograph was taken by my grandfather in 1945.
  • Hi Michael, interesting shots indeed, but I am not too sure to understand the origin. Looking at your photograph on your profile you would seem far too young to have produce that image in 1945! Unless you went for serious plastic!!!
  • Thanks Michael - I appreciate the comment - it has come out well considering I scanned an 8 x 10 test print which is over 60 years old !! 
  • As a keen cyclist, it's a great composition and effective use of the spokes! Exposure and tonality spot-on. Like your other photos you posted too.
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