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Willoughby Wallace Hooper

Willoughby Wallace Hooper, who served in the Madras Cavalry, was a noted and notorious photographer of India and British Burma.  His photographs of this time are in collections around the world and available online.  I am looking for any photographs

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Stories of Sue

Hi, I'm interested in finding stories of Sue Davies (Photographers Gallery), I've got the general information, and stories from family but I would love to hear more about her from other perspectives. 

I'm not writing a book as such, rather a collect

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Claude Harris

I’m currently doing some family research of my great grandfather Claude Harris. I would love to learn more about his work , what cameras he used and also buy some more of his work. I know he had two studios one in London ( 122 regent street) and one

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James Anderson

British photographer James Anderson was born Isaac Atkinson (1813-1877), moved to Paris to become a painter and changed his name to William Nugent, and then moved to Rome and took up photography and changed his name to James Anderson.

None of these

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Collodion practices

Hi all,

I wonder whether anyone could help me better understand this image, from the Horner Collection, Settle (Museum of North Craven Life).

The subject is a Yorkshire photographer, Michael Horner, at work in the field probably mid 1860s, with what

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