Robert Howlett, Crimean War Heroes

Salt print, 1856, Company Sergeant William Christie and Sergeant Samuel McGifford, 4th Bn, Royal Artillery, with Russian banners
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  • Will do, Thanks so much!  Please don't judge us across the pond by our crazy election!


  • Thanks David,

    Take a look at George Eastman Museum's online collection of Howletts.  There are some new ones recently digitised showing early work not previously available online.

    Best wishes, Rose

  • Thanks, Rose,

    I have been so enamored of Howlett's photographs for some time....was so pleasantly surprised to have finally acquired one!

    I believe that he had a very modern eye. His photo of Brunel, of course, shows this more than anything.

    So glad to make contact with you! Good luck on the restoration project.

    Best, David

  • Hi David

    Thank you so much!  Just follow this link -

    Great to see his work being appreciated across the Atlantic and any other Howlett queries I will be happy to try and help. 

    Best wishes, Rose

  • Thanks so much, Rose, Great information! 

    I would like to contribute to the Howlett grave restoration project, I am in New York, Can I use PayPal?

    Thanks, David

  • Hi David,

    This image is shown on the website of the Royal Collection Trust as a salted paper print but most of Howlett's work was albumen.  There is a second variant of this image which is listed as an albumen print.

    There are three photographs listed as calotype in his complete exhibition list but 131 collodion or unidentified.

    The Royal Collection has a good description of this photograph and a similar one taken at the same time.  A bit of background can be found in Queen Victoria's published Journal entry for 13th March 1856. 

    Hope that helps!   Best wishes, Rose Teanby (Howlett's grave restorer)

  • A Flickr user informs me that Howlett did not make calotypes or salt prints.

    Could any member confirm this? I was told by the seller that this was a lightly varnished salt print.

    Thanks, David

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