Mary Olive Edis Autochrome

The Bishop of London
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  • Excellent leads, thank you, am a bit of a devotee of Luminous Lint and it was partly that article that gave me the confidence to look further. I really appreciate the Helen Messinger Murdoch article link her image of the feluccas on the Nile is stunning.


  • thanks for this wealth of information Mark and the link to the luminous lint website! what a gold mine! Remarkably well done.
  • I own a number of Edis autochromes as well, including the plate of her husband Edwin Galsworthy which is posted in this set. I also own the self-portrait of Edis which is included in Michael Pritchard's post about the Edis auction at Dominic Winter a few years back. There is additional information on Edis in the post:

    I would also recommend that those who have an interest in Edis obtain a copy of Face to Face – Sheringham, Norfolk: The Remarkable Story of Photographers Olive Edis & Cyril Nunn, by Alan Childs, Cyril Nunn and Ashley Sampson (Halsgrove, 2005). All of these autochromes were part of the Nunn estate. Nunn had owned and operated the Edis studio.

    One caution: Edis worked with Agfacolor as well as with autochrome. Many of the images which were identified as being autochrome are actually Agfacolor.

    Janine, I wrote a very short article on women autochromists several years ago which can be seen here:

    One article which I highly recommend is the recent piece by Pam Roberts in The Magazine Antiques on the autochromist Helen Messinger Murduch. Though not British, her work is mostly identified with Britian ( she was a Fellow of the RPS) and most of her work resides in the RPS Collection of the National Media Museum:

  • thank you I have been looking at Lady autochromists and that solved a question for me..
  • This is the link to the Wikipedia page I created for her. It tells just about everything I know about her, which I'm afraid isn't much. I have about eight of her autochromes.

  • yes that portrait of the bishop in particular as an amazing tonal range. Do you happen to have more details about the lady?
  • They are stunning arent they? I dont own all the images I posted, but this is one of mine. In honesty I just bought them one day from a kind dealer because I loved them so much. Normally I only collect stereoviews but these were too lovely to pass up on.
  • Hi John, these are superb autochromes. I suppose Edis is a lady photographer whom you are researching?
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