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As metaphor for the field, image and meaning maker, I begin with the photogram, wherein an object/paper is literally and figuratively Struck by Light (1992-2020); my darkroom practice.

Black and white moves to color, both evolve, Polaroid contributes significantly—See What Develops—introduces my practice as Photography Degree Zero (1996-2020). In Blinks, digital imaging technologies translate smaller color photograms into jumbo ink-jet prints.

Monumental color photograms as Dings & Shadows ”blow up” forms, now “seen” and gigantic; brilliant hues and bright colors cascade over the topographies of the light-sensitive surfaces. Abstract compositions result, taking center stage - vibrant shapes and irregular patterns - collide in a kaleidoscope of unseen combinations, co-existing in valleys of color, pausing to refresh in white and/or black.

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Comment by Mary Cuperr on February 4, 2021 at 18:23

Wow! Just awesome and I really like these colorful shots, thanks.

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