Two new photographic objects for the 21st century have been recently introduced to my experimental repertoire. First, the Zerogram, a color photogram that uses zero exposure in the light-tight color darkroom; it adds new nomenclature to the photogram’s collective histories, from the 19th century to the present Carey’s essay in: Mirrors of Chance: The Photograms of Ellen Carey.My newest Polaroid 20 x 24 series sees Crush & Pull and/or Crush & Ding that highlights the dawn of photography, in the negative’s importance. Here, Carey simultaneously delivers a Polaroid photogram, a second new photographic object as Crush & Pull and/or Crush & Ding, for the first time.“How is this picture made?” and “What is this a picture of?” are questions asked about my work. They address photography as process and the conundrum of an image without a picture ‘sign’ to read.Light’s immateriality challenges its makers today, analog versus digital, doubles our challenges. “What is a 21st century photograph?” finds my answer in partnering 19th century photogram with 20th century Polaroid’s instant technology. “What do these two have in common?” and “Where do they overlap?” My answer sees the negative.
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