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  • Chris Webster in Hannavy, quotes Beattie in British Journal of Photography, July 11, 1873 (referenced also in Permutt, C., Beyond the Spectrum, Cambridge: Patrick Stephens Ltd., 1983 p.17-18;

    If the figures standing by me in the pictures were not produced as I have suggested [i.e. real spirits appearing through the medium’s presence], I do not know how they were there; but I must state a few ways by which they were not made. They were not made by double exposure, nor by figures being projected in space in anyway; they were not the result of mirrors; they were not produced by any machinery in the background, behind it, above it, or below it, nor by any contrivance connected with the bath, the camera or the camera inside.

  • How interesting - thanks for the information.

  • John Beattie 1820-1883 was involved with spirit photography but Im not sure if he was a skeptic or believer.

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