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The photo of a lifetime

Which historical photograph would you most liked to have taken?
If you could have photographed any event in history, what would it be?

I'm working on a project to demonstrate the history of photography and I would be interested to know which events i

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May Bone

I am researching my local area's history- Red Lion st. Aylsham in deepest, darkest, northest Norfolk. According to Kelly's 1908 Norfolk Directory , May Bone had a studio on Red Lion street that she attended on Saturdays.. Unfortunately our forebears

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Concave mirror in early camera

I'm being driven mad by what may be a false memory.

I'm sure I can remember reading about a photographer who advocated a concave mirror based camera for portraits. I think this was in the period pre petzval or about that time. Were they produced co

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Oskar Goetze

1.  Has anyone any information about a German portrait photographer, Oskar Goetze, who had a studio in Berlin possibly before World War One.

2.  As most Cartes de visite were taken during the wet-plate era, can we assume that they all would have bee

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